Lovelady Consulting

Our Services Include:

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Your independent publishing department!

Design & Typesetting

The look of your publication can help determine how well people read and absorb the information. Quality design and formatting will help reinforce your ideas.

Conversion of Publications

If you have publications that
need to be in a different format so they will be easier to edit and maintain, a variety of options are available. For example: Ventura to InDesign.

Illustration Creation and Enhancement

Vector drawings in CorelDraw
or Adobe Illustrator can be cleaned up, modified, or converted to other formats for use in a variety of publications.

Photo Touch-up and Enhancement

Bitmapped images (i.e. JPG) can be cleaned up, modified, and/or converted to other formats. This is important if the files will be printed or used online.

PDF Conversion

While it's easy to save a PDF in another format, the results aren't always pretty. Let us put our experience to work for you making the end result pleasing and workable.

Acrobat Forms

If you need fillable forms but don't have the time or tools to do this yourself, turn to your independent publishing department. That's us!

Newsletter Production

We can design and typeset  your newsletters, paying extensive attention to detail
so all of your communications look professional.

Adobe InDesign and Corel Ventura

We have over 20 years of experience with both Corel Ventura and PageMaker/InDesign products.

Support and Training

We can help you master the tools you use and the products we provide before, during, and after delivery.

Let us put our years of publishing experience to work for you!